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Lead Pastor Transition

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Pastors Johnson + Summer

Our lead pastors, Johnson and Summer Bowie, are humbled and honored to have accepted the call to step into the role of Victory’s Senior Pastors in August 2020. Watch this video to hear the story unfold and learn what is NEXT for Victory Hamilton Mill.

Pastors Johnson + Summer
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Pastors Randy + Cheri Cochran

Pastors Randy and Cheri Cochran have been faithfully serving in full-time ministry for over 25 years. They’ve enjoyed serving as campus pastors, worship pastors, small group pastors, lead pastors, and other roles in churches small and large, including Victory in the mid-2000s. They are thrilled to be back at Victory with people they love, and they are excited to carry the vision and heart of the church in this season and beyond. Their greatest joy is to see God’s people empowered to love and lead with all their hearts. Check out this video message to get to know them better!

Transition Timeline

January 2014

Pastors Dennis & Colleen Begin Praying for Clarity on Their Eventual Transition

The Lord began the gradual process of showing them how they could one day further the multi-cultural vision that Victory stands on.

August 2016

Pastors Dennis & Colleen Hear From the Lord That the Bowies Will Be Their Successors

They kept this revelation to themselves for the next two years as His bigger plan continued to unfold.

December 2017

Pastors Dennis & Colleen Discuss the Transition with the Board

The board affirms Pastors Dennis and Colleen’s desire for Pastors Johnson and Summer to be the future senior pastors.

February 2018

Pastors Dennis & Colleen Ask Pastors Johnson & Summer to Be Their Successors

After prayerful and humbled consideration, Pastors Johnson and Summer accept the call to be Victory’s future senior pastors.

February 2018

Pastors Johnson & Summer Began Praying for Who Their Successors at VHM Would Be

A journey, that would last a full year, begins to discover the right leaders to be the next pastors of VHM.

May 2018

Victory Begins Working with a Professional Transition Coach to Assist

This coach is responsible for helping Victory create a healthy and successful plan of succession.

January 2019

The Bowies Hear from the Lord That Pastors Randy & Cheri Cochran Will Be Their Successors

As they learned that Pastors Randy and Cheri were transitioning back to Atlanta, Pastors Johnson and Summer immediately knew that the Lord was bringing them to be VHM’S NEXT.

February 2019

Pastors Johnson & Summer Ask Pastors Randy & Cheri Cochran to Be Their Successors

After prayer and humbled consideration, Pastors Randy and Cheri accepted the opportunity to be VHM's future lead pastors.

May 2019

An Internal Transition Team is Formed to Help Guide the Transition

This team is made up of members of Victory’s staff who represent gender, racial and generational diversity.

May 2019

Transition Announcement Made to Victory Staff

Pastors Dennis and Colleen shared their vision for Victory’s and their own personal NEXT with the entire staff.

September 14-15, 2019

Transition Announcement Made to All Campuses

Pastors Dennis and Colleen partner with Pastors Johnson and Summer to discuss VictoryNext.

January 12, 2020

Pastors Johnson & Summer’s Last Weekend as Hamilton Mill Campus Pastors

Pastors Randy and Cheri Cochran will begin their leadership as the Victory Hamilton Mill Campus pastors.

January-August, 2020

Pastors Johnson & Summer Work Up-Close With Pastors Dennis & Colleen at Norcross

Pastors Johnson and Summer will transition to primarily work at our Norcross campus alongside Pastors Dennis and Colleen. During this time, there will be a gradual transition of leadership responsibilities.

August 16, 2020

Victory All-Campus Celebration Services at Infinite Energy Arena

This will serve as our opportunity to honor Pastors Dennis and Colleen and their 30-year Victory legacy—as well as celebrate what is ahead as we look to continuing and furthering the mission of Victory together.

August 16, 2020

Pastors Johnson & Summer Officially Become Our Senior Pastors

Pastors Dennis and Colleen will pass the mantle of leadership onto our new Senior Pastors, Johnson and Summer.


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As we launch into the future with excitement for our pastors and church, we realize you will want to know specific details about this transition. Here you will find responses to the questions that you may have.

Why are Pastors Johnson and Summer no longer going to be the campus pastors at Hamilton Mill?

Victory’s senior pastors, Dennis and Colleen Rouse, received vision from the Lord for their next steps. As they look to the future and the next generations of the church, they feel that it is time to pass the mantle of leadership of Victory over to leaders who represent future generations. In early 2019, the Rouses approached Pastors Johnson and Summer and asked them to step into the role of Victory’s Senior Pastors in August 2020.

When will Pastors Johnson and Summer conclude their time as Hamilton Mill’s Campus Pastors?

January 12, 2020, will be theBowies’ last Sunday as Hamilton Mill’s pastors. At that time, they will transition to the Norcross campus, where they will begin to slowly take on their new leadership responsibilities. They will officially step into the role of Senior Pastors on August 16, 2020.

Who will become our new campus pastors?

Just as the Lord made it very clear to Pastors Dennis and Colleen who should succeed them, the Lord was also very clear to reveal that Pastors Randy and Cheri Cochran were His desired next for Hamilton Mill’s leadership. If you have not met the Cochrans yet, we are sure you will LOVE them.

How can I learn more about the Cochrans?

We are so glad you asked! They would love to meet you! Be sure to stop by the lobby and meet them after any Hamilton Mill service. Pastors Randy and Cheri were on staff at Victory in the early 2000’s. They continued in ministry, serving at one of the nation’s largest churches, before returning back to Victory to continue to serve the vision of this house.

Will there be an opportunity to thank Pastors Johnson and Summer?

Yes! As a church family, we will corporately honor and celebrate our pastors at a date closer to their concluding weekend at Hamilton Mill. As the date of this celebration approaches, we will give you all the details and let you know how you can best express your gratitude and thanks for their leadership as our pastors.

What does this transition mean for the future of Victory?

Like families, the Kingdom operates generationally. Principles, truths and leadership are passed down from generation to generation, so that the family “legacy” carries on.

Who will preach on the weekends during this transition?

Pastor Johnson will continue to “anchor” the pulpit and Pastor Randy will increasingly share the preaching responsibilities with Pastor Johnson until January. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive from Pastor Summer and Pastor Cheri at various times in the year.

What is the timeline of this transition?

You can view a timeline of important dates here.

How can I help during this transition?

Thank you for asking! You can pray, serve, and build with us.

Please PRAY for the people at every Victory campus throughout this transition. We want every person to feel loved and valued! Also, pray for Pastors Dennis and Colleen, Pastors Johnson and Summer, Pastors Randy and Cheri, our board, and all the leadership at Victory as we continue to seek God’s will in all things.

We are so grateful for the thousands of people who SERVE at Victory every week. We would love for you to be a part of serving God’s people across Atlanta through the ministries of the church.

We are excited about the future! Let’s use words, prayers, and influence to BUILD Victory’s future together in faith!

How should I specifically pray during this transition?

Pray for the people of Victory. Pray that we would all see and sense the Lord’s hand in every aspect of this transition. Pray for Pastors Dennis and Colleen and the vision the Lord has given them for their future as we send them as a church family. Pray for Pastors Johnson and Summer as they step into the role of leading our church, that the Lord would cover them and guide them with His wisdom. Pray for Pastors Randy and Cheri as they step into their new role at Hamilton Mill. Pray, most of all, that the Lord would be glorified and people would become fully committed disciples of Jesus, as we all continue to carry on God’s story through Victory into the future.

How can I learn more about the transition of our Senior Pastors, Dennis and Colleen Rouse?

Click here to be taken to to learn more.